Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Tonight  I sit here , while my sweet little family is curled up, cosy in my bed.
 I can't sleep and
  I can't stop crying
 We were told some devastating news tonight about a family member and my heart is breaking.
Life is too short and so unfair. Its all so cliche and yet so true.
I think about what the months ahead will hold for my sweet husband and I cry.
 I hate to think of him in pain, and the loss of someone you love if the worst kind of pain.
Now the waiting has begun.
Every time the phone rings we will feel that dreaded pit in our stomach  - the awful anticipation.
There is no stopping it- but still I will pray for a miracle.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

8 cups a day

Sometimes I truly get horrified when I think
about how much fatter I would be if I didn't love water as my primary drink....

Mac Turns Two!

Today I thought I would share some of the highlights from our sweet boys 2nd birthday party!!
Since Macalasdair is allergic to any and all milk products, going to a bakery for a cool cake is just not an option for us.  AS a result I had to use my limited skills to make a horse "cake" as best I could.
While not the coolest cake in the world, I am fairly happy with how my cupcake horse turned out! If you know its a horse in advance you can totally tell that is what he should be!
Horse Cake at it's finest!

Birthday Banner I made

some decor for the party

Mommy & Mac
  After cake and gifts were shared the whole gang headed
 off for a sleigh ride through Centennial Park

So many special people in Macs life!

Almost everyone chose the same card for him!

Everyone enjoying the ride

Mac and Mommy up front with the Horses!

Happy Boy!!

Absolutely Wonderful Day for an even more wonderful Little boy!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Mac the Menace??

Daddy is sporting a swollen and slightly pussy (sp??) eye today thanks to Little Mac T's over excited rendition of " Eyes, Nose, Chin" yesterday morning - complete with over-exaggerated  actions!!!
 I have been so excited having him point and say his body parts that
 I may have encouraged him
to be a bit too aggressive in his motions. 

 Daddy had a fun trip to the ER -( corneal abrasion- YIKES)!!
AWWW my sweet Boys


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Officially not a baby anymore...

The ruler of the house is finally two!
Unlike what everyone warned, he did not immediately
 morph into a demon child!
Thank Goodness!
Although Macs party isn't until Sunday,
 Brett and I still wanted to make today a little bit special.
So Brett decorated his chair last night before bed, and
  I made sure he had a small gift to open this morning
Of course no Birthday is complete without Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast!
After Breakfast we had time for some Play dough Fun and some snuggles for a tired toddler
To make the day complete we had all his favorites for lunch- beans, sweet potato fries and grilled chicken.. and then we had a long much needed nap together!
Overall, not a bad birthday considering both mommy and daddy had to work!

Monday, 18 February 2013


Jane Austins Book Club and Embroidery... Good time...old lady good times...

Another year come and gone..

Mac turns TWO tomorrow.. TWO! I cannot quite believe it..
Going through an old blog I had I found this post I wrote when he turned one

Flying by in the blink of an eye
 "The moment he was laid in my arms was one of the most overwhelmingly
clear moments of my life.
 It was as if time stood still and all that existed was this little man
that was staring at me with the clearest, brightest blue eyes."
My sweet little newborn Babe: